This is a real picture of some of the real completely free samples we’ve gotten in the mail.  Some of these products have become regular and trusted brands in our home.  (I love my Reach Access Flosser – and the Yogi tea is pretty awesome too!)

Tracking down free samples of great products – quality samples without surveys and nonsense offers to complete, is what we do. And we like it!

But that’s not all.

When we can’t find completely free samples to try before we buy, we check out the next best thing – coupons. Coupons can help save money on products we already love and we can find something new to try at a discounted price. Do you like coupons? Check out Sampleloft’s most recent affiliate partner’s Coupons page to find money saving coupons on products you already buy and maybe some new ones that are discounted enough to try.

We especially love stumbling across valuable opportunities that are free to the public. Free classes to improve opportunity, free reference materials & free events. Whether you’re looking for a free item, or to move forward & further your education, upgrade your skills or attend a fun event be sure to check out Sampleloft’s Free Resources Tools & Events page.

Happy Sampling! Happy Living!